Pascal vs Brown Live

Pascal vs Brown : This bout I suspect, will be highly entertaining. Marcus Browne wants to per the ages-old evolutionary maxim, run the old lion right off his patch and KO Pascal. The clever, amiable Pascal, a Canadian by way of Haiti, rebuts that Brown is nothing special and it ain’t happening. Father Time is on the side of the New Yorker, Browne, NOT the combat-loving Canadian.



Pascal vs Brown Live

Pascal’s battle with Nottingham’s Carl Froch was one we fans have long treasured. Honestly, it appeared to me that – then – Pascal actually had slightly more talent than Froch. Froch however, somehow told his brain: “brain, command my body to do things it can’t,” and it worked!

Regardless, we’ll never forget that war and it proves Pascal can flat-out fight. He just loves his job. Dimitri Bivol hits you? Pascal reacted, twice, by slapping himself in the face, which enraged Bivol, who opened up. Pascal got through it-and then opened up on Bivol. It was a great barometer and showed me Bivol’s limits – a fine fighter but hit too often and no world-class power.

Marcus Browne’s signature win was of course, over Badou Jack. I wasn’t overwhelmed with his performance. I think the deepest cut I’ve seen outside a chainsaw massacre did affect Jack, but that’s boxing. Read carefully this sentence: I can’t say for sure, but the butt that caused the cut… let’s just say Browne wasn’t being overly cautious with his head at the time of injury. Browne is no Holyfield. Browne exhibited excellent side-to-side movement in this fight, the sneaky southpaw jab and decent pop, but I’m not in love with his style.

In 2016, in an intriguing battle of undefeated fighters, Brown got credit for a debatable knock down vs. Radivoje Kalajdzic and then himself was later dropped heavily by the man from Bosnia-Herzegovina. Without the faux knockdown, the best Browne could have earned was a split draw. But that’s boxing – in New York – and when a New Yorker is fighting.

At 36, Pascal is a clever man with all the punches; the proverbial jack of all trades. Browne’s reach advantage could be a big difference.

Fighter’s Grades: (Speed, Power, Defense, Reach, Age, Stamina, Experience)

Marcus Browne: B B B-B-B B B (Average of all) B (3.0) B

Jean Pascal: B-B-C+B-C-B+B+ (2.7) B-

Reality Check: The hope here is that the tough but respectful prefight talk between the combatants will promote fireworks on the night. There is no bigger win going forward for Pascal in my opinion, then a clear decision victory – and Pascal has stated it will be a decision affair.

Conversely, there’s arguably no bigger favor Browne, if victorious, can deliver, than a powerful knockout which ushers the highly likeable Pascal out of the game and onto life’s next chapter. New York has not, probably ever, covered itself in judging glory or had a history of unfettered, fair refereeing. For the Canadian/Haitian to win a decision it’s going to have to be damn convincing – even then, it might not be enough.

I look for the younger lion, Browne, to chase the tired old lion, Pascal, out of the fight. If Browne hadn’t looked so damned vulnerable versus Kalajdzic, I’d say he could KO Pascal within 8. Also, short of calling Pascal’s gym and asking his peeps: “Hey, does Jean look old overnight?” there’s no way of knowing. Let’s say Pascal’s looked good in training-here’s hoping this evolves into a mighty struggle with plenty of two-way bombs.

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